Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva

The land as a resource

We believe it is only by considering the land a resource rather than a “vehicle” and by preserving ancient proven agricultural traditions, that it is possible to safeguard the environment and the characteristics that give the olive oil its excellence, which is the heritage of Italian agricultural and gastronomical culture.

That is why we implement an organic regenerative type of agriculture, to preserve the fertility of the soil and safeguard the environment. Far from exploiting the land for cash crops, our approach aims specifically at preserving and improving fertility, thanks to the use of natural organic fertilizers that enrich the soil with organic substances, or traditional techniques such as green compost with legumes.

Conservation of biodiversity

Our oil does not come from a so-called monocultivar or mono variety type of plantation, but from multi-species olive trees, which preserve the natural long-standing cultivation diversity that typifies the centuries-old Salento olive trees, resulting in their traditional blend of oil.

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Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva
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