Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva

The olive grove


Our oil is named after the Spartan King Archidamo, who governed the city from 360 to 338 B.C., the year in which, according to Plutarch, he died on the battlefield at the base of the walls of Mendonion, known today as Manduria, having gone to assist the colony of Taranto in putting down an uprising by the Italic people.

Sparta, “the city in the valley surrounded by many canyons” was the Greek city of warriors. Unlike Athens, where most Greeks were “polities” or citizens, the Spartans were first and foremost “stratiotes” or soldiers.

According to the legend, as told by the locals, Archidamo lies buried along with his treasure, right next to our land. So, notwithstanding the olive branch is the symbol of peace, not exactly in keeping with a warrior king, we think that in effect Archidamo’s real treasure is to be found right here under everyone’s noses, and it is this olive oil, also known as “green gold”!

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Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva
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