Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva

The olive grove


Thanks to proven family agricultural experience, we now have at our disposal the necessary competencies to combine effective traditional and modern agricultural practices to guarantee a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil of an extremely high standard.

Archidamo III farm adopts organic farming techniques and its production is aimed at conserving soil fertility, contrasting the degenerative process of desertification and environmental protection.

In other terms, at Archidamo III, we don’t look at the soil just as a mere good to exploit, but our aim is to conserve and improve its natural fertility, that’s why we use mechanical and natural fertilisation techniques such as green manure. By this agricultural practice, farmers plant specific crops with the intention of burying them during the ploughing phase. During autumn and winter seasons, as the crop sprouts, the soil protects itself from erosion and produces its own nourishment, in fact, in springtime, the grown crop is ploughed and buried; at this point organic materials under the soil starts decomposing and creating humus, important natural fertiliser.

This process, fully mechanical and natural, is diffused among organic farmers all over the world and it makes easy, for anybody, to understand that agricultural world is a circular system e.

Nowadays global community feels the need to protect the territory from soil erosion. This phenomenon is very felt in African areas, where it is advancing with increasing strength.

In Europe, this phenomenon is widespread in the regions of Apulia and Sicily, in Italy, and in some areas of Spain. The answer to this problem is actually simple: increase the green on earth. By developing green barriers, we can protect the soil from drying out and organic farming is oriented in this direction by contributing, as far as possible, to safeguarding the existing natural heritage.

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Archidamo - Olio extravergine d'oliva
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